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Final Production Case

The following are some images of the final case!

Full Limulus Case Side

The case has undergone some final adjustments and will be ready for purchase in the Spring of 2011 (both as kits and complete systems). Submit  Questions or join the  Limulus Announce List.

The First Case Pictures

Note: There is a  video with more information and views of the case.

The following are the first public pictures of the Limulus case design. It is on display at SC09 in Portland, OR (Week of Nov 15th) More information can be found in the PDF  slides that are running during the show. The case is a stock  Antec 1200 with some additional sheet metal to hold the 3 additional microATX motherboards, an 8 port Ethernet switch, power control relays, and a custom front panel (provides power light/switch, USB, and video out).

The front view below shows the power panel and the hard drive bays. The hard drives can be attached to each motherboard or they can be used for head node storage with disk-less compute nodes (preferred method). There is also a DVD drive at the very top. The two blue fans blow directly on the vertically mounted processors, which use low profile copper heat syncs.

Lumulus case Front

Below is the side view with the case open. The large metal sheet on the right is the top of the motherboard "sandwich." The power supply is in the lower left corner. The Ethernet switch is on top of the power supply. The "head node" is visible and mounted in the "normal" location. This allows for full use of the additional PCI(e) slots. The worker motherboards have one PCIe slot available (an additional GigE card has been added). The orange cables are the GigE networks.

Another interesting feature is that one power supply (and cord) is used for the entire case. The 12V rails (intended for additional video cards) on the 850 Watt Antec power supply are used to power the additional motherboards.

Limulus Case Side