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Welcome to The Limulus Project! ™

What is the Limulus Project?

Limulus is an acronym for LInux MULti-core Unified Supercomputer. The Limulus project goal is to create and maintain an open specification and software stack for a personal workstation cluster. Ideally, a user should be able to build or purchase a small personal workstation cluster using the Limulus reference design and low cost hardware. In addition, a freely available turn-key Linux based software stack will be created and maintained for use on the Limulus design. A Limulus is inteneded to be a workstation cluster platform where users can develop software, test ideas, run small scale applications, and teach HPC methods. Consult the following draft of a Linux Magazine  Limulus Article (pdf) for more information. The Limulus idea actually came from the 2005  AMD Value Cluster Project.

More Information (and commercial availability): Submit  Questions or join the  Limulus Announce List. Or, join the Twitter feed above.

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Project Status

February 3, 2016: Limulus with Skylake (i5-6500) hits 480.2 double precision CPU GFLOPS using HPL and 1 GbE (658.3 GFLOPS with 10 GbE) . You can see the Latest Results for details. Pre-built machines delivering a new record setting $11.44/GFLOP can be purchased from  Basement Supercomputing

May 19, 2014: Limulus does Hadoop! A 100 GB Terasort in 886 seconds (113 MB/sec). You can see the Latest Results for details. Pre-built machines running  Hortonworks HDP with full  Ambari install are available at  Basement Supercomputing

April 9, 2014: New lighter, sleeker, cases with wheels. Check them out  Basement Supercomputing.

November 27, 2013: Limulus with Haswell (i5-4570S) hits 385.5 double precision CPU GFLOPS (HPL). You can see the Latest Results for details. Pre-built machines delivering a record setting $15.55/GFLOP can be purchased from  Basement Supercomputing

November 12, 2013: Finally, that day is here, Limulus units are available from  Basement Supercomputing. If you are attending SC13, come see a Limulus system (running Hadoop) in the Scalable Informatics booth number 1919. There will be a daily presentation entitled, Personal Big Data: The Apache Hadoop YARN Workstation and Beyond at the following times Tuesday: 5pm, Wednesday: 11am, Thursday: 1pm. And keep an eye on the Limulus benchmark page.

June 26, 2012: The software stack is ready to go. All development is based on Scientific Linux 6.X (SL6). Both SRPMS and RPMS will be officially available in July. You can peak at the RPMS  here, but there may be some changes before the official release date. Plus, documentation on how to install these on top of SL6 will be made available as well.

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Contacting The Limulus Project

Once we have the project site completed, we will be posting more information on how to participate. The main contact is:

The project is hosted by  Basement Supercomputing.

Limulus Trademarks and Licensing

The Limulus Logo and the Limulus Project are trademarks of  Basement Supercomputing. For commercial use of project trademarks or sponsorships, contact  Basement Supercomputing.

Software used by the project is subject to license terms and copyrights as per the authors. Please consult individual packages for more information.

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